Welcome to the Zheng Laboratory of Brain RNA Biology!

Our lab studies the activity, mechanism, function and dysfunction of gene regulation at the RNA level, coding and noncoding, in our most complex organ--brain.

Neuron is arguably one of the most morphologically complicated cell types in our body. The complexity and diversity of mammalian neurons is the result of millions of years of evolution that have given cells the ability to diverge at the molecular level. Our lab is most interested in emerging regulatory mechanisms that produce cell-type specific gene expression, and their actions underlying neuronal differentiation and maturation. We are currently working on alternative pre-mRNA splicing , nonsense-mediated mRNA decay and long non-coding RNA. We are also investigating how their mis-regulation underlies various neuropsychiatric and neurologic disorders.

Learn more about our research here. 1. Alternative pre-mRNA splicing 2. Nonsense-mediated mRNA decay

Our lab takes a multi-disciplinary approach spanning neurobiology, genetics, genomics, cell biology, RNA molecular biology and computational biology. We utilize various cutting edge technologies including high-throughput functional screening, next generation sequencing, informatics, CLIP and sophisticated microscopy.