Join Us!

Our lab is currently seeking to recruit students, postdocs and research assistants.

We are always looking for the most talented and dedicated students, postdocs and research assistants to work on exciting, challenging and fun projects in a multidisciplinary area of gene expression, RNA processing, genetics and neurobiology. We also welcome those with backgrounds in biochemistry, medicine, engineering and physics to apply their expertise to tackling interesting biological questions that are related to our research topics.

Post-doc Fellows

If you find our work interesting, the position offers an amazing opportunity to continue training in neuroscience and/or RNA biology with an emphasis on cellular and molecular biology, imaging, mouse genetics, genomics and informatics. Candidates with prior experience and expertise in these backgrounds are strongly encouraged to apply. Please send a CV, a description of research experience and interests, and two or three recommendation letters to sika.zheng [a]

Graduate Students

Students wishing to conduct thesis work in the lab can apply to one of several graduate programs at UCR. We accept graduate students primarily from the following programs: Biomedical Sciences; Neuroscience; Genetics, Genomics & Bioinformatics (GGB); Cellular Molecular and Developmental Biology (CMDB). During your interview, Sika will be happy to speak to you about our research.

Current graduate students should contact Sika directly via e-mail to inquire about potential rotation opportunity.


We may have a position for a technician/specialist with substantial research experience in mouse genetics, molecular and cellular biology. Experimental skills working on mouse, neurons, RNA are highly preferred. Please send a CV with bibliography, two or three letters of reference from previous employees. Recent graduates should submit a CV, a description of research experience, college transcripts and letters from their instructors to sika.zheng [a]


Undergraduates interested in volunteering or working for credit should send their transcripts, a CV, and a description of research interests and education goals to sika.zheng [a]