Welcome to the Zheng Laboratory of Brain RNA Biology!

Our lab studies the activity, mechanism, function and dysfunction of RNA processing in the brain. Millions of years of evolution have given cells the ability to diverge at the molecular level via special RNA processing. In keeping with their morphological and functional complexity mammalian brains make the most extensive use of these evolutionary inventions, many of which are expressed during development. Such complexity increases the possibility of gene expression going haywire and consequently brain disease. On the other hand, we envision these unique RNA processing events could be harnessed to develop therapies of higher specificity and efficacy, if we understand their regulation and function at the molecular, cellular, and system levels. We are currently focusing on alternative pre-mRNA splicing and nonsense-mediated RNA decay . To achieve our goal, we take a multi-disciplinary approach including neurobiology, genetics, ribogenomics, cell biology, molecular biology, imaging, computational biology, and drug discovery.

Learn more about our research here. 1. Alternative pre-mRNA splicing 2. Nonsense-mediated mRNA decay

Our research is mainly supported by current R01 grants from NINDS and NIMH.